Thursday, December 9, 2010

Updates with Adam

Hello Glamberts I'm doing some new stuff over the month, like  Mondays with Monte, Tuesday's with Tommy. And updates with Adam... Today is Updates with Adam. 

Updates with Adam

1. Adam Lambert's Grammy nomination 
is for the song " Whataya Want From Me"
Thanks to all of the Glamberts that voted
for him!! 

2.Adam's New Album
Congrats Adam! I'm hoping to buy it soon!
Whataya Want From Me is a must listen to
Aftermath is very well done... I want it for 
my birthday!

3.Is Adam home for Hanukkah? 
I'm not sure... hopefully he is
he can come home and spend
the holidays with his brother
Neil, Mom and Dad. 

4. Thanksgiving for Adam
He spent his Thanksgiving with his family
in Paris... I wish I was there! His mom 
Has never been to Paris. She wished she 
would've stayed longer. 
 Don't you think Adam is a mommas boy??


hoped everyone enjoyed my blog... let me know what you thought of Updates with Adam, Monday's with Monte, Tuesday's with Tommy...........
I need pictures of Adam and also videos....

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