Thursday, December 30, 2010


Thanks for looking at my blog.... Hope everyone is doing well...... MR. POPULARITY, also known as Adam Lambert, has a lot of things to brag about! here are some of the stories
Adam lambert, best videos??
Well, to me I think that Adam is a down to earth guy, he doesn't show himself off like any other star. Adam Lambert already has almost 15 million views on the new single If I had you. But what about the other videos? His recent single is Whataya Want From Me. The total views for that video is 13,753,54, almost close to 14 million! keep up the great work!
Adam Lambert better videos?
Not a lot of  views for his oldest hit, For Your Entertainment. That was the song he had sang for the American Music Awards,(AMA), The total views on the video was 7,284,968, that's a good view. Add my views, and it probably would be 2,000,000
Here are the videos, For Your Entertainment, Whataya Want From Me and If I Had You.

If I had you ^

Whataya Want From Me ^

 For Your Entertainment ^



Thanks so much for looking at my blog! I hope that everyone had read the information, please send me videos and pictures of Adam, at

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