Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Latest new from Adam

Hello everyone!! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and Hanukkah. Now here is the latest news from Adam,,,

Adam's If I had you is Popular!
Adam has the new single If I had you, Well on Youtube he has almost 15 million views! the exact number of views for the video is 14,748,055! Adam isn't that popular in the news. But in youtube obviously he is
 the popular one! great job Adam! keep up the good work..

Adam's Sleepwalker is popular too!  
Adam's new single Sleepwalker, In Canada it has been released on the Radio.It has reached in the top 25.It has passed Katy Perry's Teenage Dream. Adam has to get more requests ( around 50-60) to compete with the other song in the top 15. Good luck Adam! I wish they could play that song up north! 
Adam is releasing a album in the spring/summer. 
Adam is releasing a DVD mid January,
Adam is also up for a Grammy nomination, possible performance!! 

Adam is even more popular!!

Twitter is an amazing site! it has made celebrities even popular than they were before. For Adam, He has almost 800,000 followers! I don't use Twitter, but I would love to one day! Adam says that this was a fantastic year for him and his band, family. He also says he owes it all to his fans. And we all owe it all to you Adam!! I hop next year brings Adam much happiness and love!! 

Thanks so much for looking at my blog... I will make a few more blogs before the new year. Send me pictures at!

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