Sunday, January 16, 2011

Oh Adam!

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I don't think I told you why I like Adam, Well here is my story.

Chesaning, Michigan
I had watched American Idol for a long time, and season 8 was the best. Near the end I started liking Adam, and I had almost cried when he didn't win. Then I totally forgot about him. My sister likes Robert Pattinson, well then I wanted someone to like. I printed a picture of Adam and hung it  on my wall. Then there was 5, 15,20....... So I was having lunch at school, and my mom had a smile on her face, she walked up to me and asked me to open this envelope, so I did. I screamed so loud.... it was tickets to Chesaning! That had brightened my day! But it was 5 months away. So I was obsessing over him. When that day came, I brought my Mom, Sister,Brother, One of my friends that loves Adam, and her daughter. I put on a pink checkered skirt, and black tank top, high heels, gloves that matched my skirt, and fish net tights. When we got there I bought an Adam Lambert shirt, the one of him blowing a kiss. We sat down and watched Orianthi first. Then he came out.. I screamed so loud! I thought I was going to pass out. He sang beautifully! I sent him a basket full of his favorite things. Like Mocha Starbucks cold coffee(4) jelly beans a relaxation disc when he is on his tour bus.A picture frame that says Destiny. I also sent him a card to go with it. He got the basket. I didn't meet him that day. Little did I know that he was meeting and greeting before the concert earlier in the day. But I will always be a glambert!!!

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